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About Raytech Technology

    We are an enthusiastic and professional team specialized in electro zinc plating. With the customer-oriented principle and the keen observation of market trend, Raytech developed a series product line with high C/P value to serve customers.
    Raytech provides high C/P value product and on-site technical services to the metal surface treatment industries. Our major product line includes pretreatment agents, chloride and alkaline zinc plating additives, series of trivalent chromate agents and high corrosion protective sealers.

    Raytech manufactures own formulated product with high quality raw materials (eg, chromium sulfate from Germany, cobalt sulfate from Finland, sodium nitrate from Germany and the chloride zinc intermediate form France, etc…). With the knowledge of formulating and market demand driven power, Raytech will continuously develop and improve the product line. Our first priority is to maximize the production and create benefits for the customers.   

    June, 2009 Raytech developed a cutting-edge trivalent black chromate process for mass production of fasteners which resolved a long time problem of leaving scratch marks on the parts during the process ( robot arm chromating, vibratory screening). Based on the success of this new generation trivalent chromate process and unique boric free potassium chloride zinc plating system, December, 2009 Raytech technology Co. Ltd. was fund Tainan, Taiwan.


1.    Provide professional recommendation in product application and on-line technical services.

2.    Regularly visit to the customers to understand the status of product application. Collect feedbacks from users as the basis of research and development.

3.    Technician on-site service to resolve technical problems, investigate causes and setup prevention scheme with customers.  

4.   With full-equipped laboratory and professional personnel, we provide in-time lab report to customers for the constant monitoring of production lines.